segunda-feira, 17 de julho de 2017

Corridinho do Carnaval - Gaita-de-Foles e Orquestra

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  1. You are VERY funny with your article! It is the Portuguese time and time again, not only in Portugal, but also in Canada and the USA that are the most shut-in, self absorbed European culture on the planet!

    You don't have to go far to see this at all, you visit Spain and you have English, German, and French as languages to describe products to potential foreign buyers at your stores but guess what? NO Spanish! You try to talk to the store clerk in Portugal and he sort of speaks a little bit of the above mentioned languages but guess what? NO Spanish! You go to youtube channels and you see a sea of Portuguese spewing anti-Spanish hate comments on Spanish it is more than obvious to me, and everybody else on the planet, that the Portuguese are an insular, shut-in xenophobic culture that pretty much hates all that is not Portuguese. The evidence is in front of your own noses and in your own country so maybe you should rethink your silly article. If you perhaps opened up a little more and be friendlier with your Spanish neighbor rather than being a bunch of hater xenophobes, good things would happen. But you don't so what do you expect? Us regular folks to read your silly article and say, " Yeah, yeah...sounds good!" Well, NO!! Go spread your anti-Spanish xenophobic lies to the ignorant Portuguese masses that always have a propensity via a multi-generational hate platform to be anti-Spanish haters (this is taught to all Portuguese children from a young age throughout the generations). Again, maybe if you Stopped doing this, Spain and other European countries would be more willing to visit there, buy your goods and be kinder to you, but you keep on the hate program you so proudly cherish and past down from generation to generation.

    Luso? A made up word to Hide the fact your culture is a mix of Arabs and gypsies. Not much to be Proud of here!
    Sao os fatos amigo e os fatos seu muitos dolorosos pa os portuguesitos. Te vejo na sopas dos pobres a noite como tudas as noites ja que 50% de Portugueses sao presentes em os sopas dos pobres! Muita, muita pobresa em Portugal, Muita! E isso nada?? Que orgulho do ser um Portugues! Muitos orgulho!